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IMG_3709Hello, I’m Alison and I decided to start this blog for people like me – parents of boys who love design – beautiful interiors, gorgeous clothes, but who find that most of what’s out there is for girls.

Not only is it hard to find stylish stuff out there for boys, but like many of the mums I know, I am constantly trying to juggle what I like and what I know my five year old son will like.  As much as I might love something, if he doesn’t, then I know from bitter experience that I might as well save my money.

Finding beautiful things for boys can be a challenge, but that makes it all the more worthwhile when you find something that you not only love yourself, but that puts a big smile on your little one’s face.  There is some great stuff out there for boys, you just need to know where to look for it.

Did I also mention that I love a good bargain too?

Juggling work, family and all of life’s other commitments can be tough, and we all know that time is a precious commodity for parents.  I hope this blog will be a useful resource in helping you to find the stuff both you and your little superheroes will love.

It would be great if you could share some of your ideas on Superheroes too!

Alison x

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